The Most Fun I've Had Without a Penis

Sadly, I have almost no girlfriends in the area, something my mother-in-law was nice enough to remind me when I was 8 months pregnant and she was trying to plan a babyshower. “You don't have any friends who can come?”

Ouch. It's always a good idea to make a fat, self-conscious, hormonal wreck carrying around her husband's ape-size progeny painfully aware that she's neglected her relationships with her single friends and failed to make new ones because she's been too busy basking in the warm light of love and then making babies and opening a small business. It doesn't help that I moved 2000 miles from home at the age of 24, leaving all of my childhood, highschool and college girlfriends behind.

So when one of my favorite clients(yes, I've seen her cha) invited me to join her and some friends on a girl's night out to have drinks and see Sex in the City, I was so excited I skipped my early afternoon nap. I immediately called my husband to see if I could go play, no he's not one of those husbands, I just like to sustain the illusion of choice. Of course he was just happy to get out of seeing it with me.

I met some really nice women for the first time. Three from the group are regular clients of mine and it wasn't even weird that I could have positively identified any of them in a 'muff shot'. I have to tell you, in spite of the fact that I spent an hour lost and aimlessly driving around a sketchy part of town trying to figure out if I could stop at the bodega to get fruitas frescas and directions, despite the fact that I had to refrain from partaking in a Cosmopolitan since between an antibiotic for the chest cold and the antidepressant for the ppd, alcohol would have, in the exact words of my doctor, 'lowered my seizure threshold,” I had the best evening that didn't involve someone with a penis(you know who you are) in a long time. Thanks ladies.

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bechtold clan said... June 4, 2008 at 1:15 PM  

Just found your blog...enjoy it very much...just wanted to drop a comment and let you know.

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