If You Give a Mommy a King-Sized Bed

For those of you that are familiar with the "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" series, this will make sense, to those of you that are unfamiliar with this series, I'll just appear nutty as usual.

If You Give Mommy a King-Sized Bed
If you give a mommy a few nights on a king size bed in some fancy hotel, she is probably going to want to get her own king size bed. And if you get that mommy her very own king size bed, she is probably going to decide that it is very important to have new sheets. When she is out buying sheets, she will likely see a duvet and while she is deciding on whether she should get the duvet, she will see the perfect soft throw for over the big new bed and decide to get it all.

After she is home, she will realize that the great big bed looks funny with no headboard and all the new blankets slide right down on the floor every night, so she will go looking for a headboard/footboard. While looking she’ll see a headboard and footboard in an old timey brass she likes so much but is really a bit pricey. She will lament to her husband how that specific old timey brass bed is perfect and the only one she has ever, ever wanted in her whole life ever and how if she gets it she will never ever ask for another thing(she has learned this effective tactic from her four year old) Once the bed set is delivered, mommy will realize that the old nightstands no longer fit so she’ll have to go find new ones  and while she is shopping, she will see a really nice smelling candle and a few throw pillows and those will end up in the cart too.

And just when Dad thinks he doesn’t have any money left for mommy to spend, she’ll give Dad a little something-something, and you know what happens when you give dad a little something-something, Mommy will probably want to go shopping again.

Note: If you have not yet read this series and you have kids, I highly recommend it.

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