About Me

Tales from a semi-vegetarian, part-time Buddhist, completely neurotic, mom(but it doesn't define me) brazilian waxer/writer suffering from crippling self-doubt.

What do you get when you mix equal parts brainy, bimbo and bawdy? You get Chris, a.k.a. FormerlyFun. In 2000, this saucy minx moved from the great midwest cheese state to Southern California and she never looked back, mostly because her neck hurt from all that driving. She's patience-challenged with a penchant for trouble making and a P.H.D. in whining. She has a wide and varied fan base(her mom and husband) and she is the founding member and president of the Politeness Police. Chris, a master in the art of Brazilian bikini waxing, owns a small day spa where she makes the beautiful women of Southern California hair-free, jealous much?

Chris has a hunky husband who keeps her in line (and fixes her html and xml and bdsm and photoshops stuff like Sarah Palin Toilet paper for her and sometimes gets irritated when she's blogging instead of having sex with him) and three amazing, goofy kids that keep her running in circles.

Want advice? Do you have a skincare/waxing question? Want to complain about my swearing? Want to tell me I'm funny? You can contact me at www.formerlyfun@aol.com.

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