Lovely Day

I woke up today to my three year old's hand on my arm, her silent way of asking for me to lift her into bed with me. I pulled her in and she nestled into me like the smaller of two spoons, said my hair was sweaty but I'm still beautiful and told me I could draw pictures on her back like it was a reward, which it is. We did this for about an hour until my husband had enough of trying to sleep through our giggling and got up. I made breakfast for all three kids, just some fruit and yesterday's leftover donuts from Clare's birthday breakfast. My ten year old was happy and helpful. My seven year old was still floating from her birthday weekend. I had a cup of coffee that my husband made while I cleaned out my spice cabinet and made ratatouille for a warm, hearty lunch. It's one of my husband's favorites and I had everything on hand so what better valentine then to feed him something good. These days, my husband is working from home so I get to see him all the time. Today, my kids are home, playing and laughing in the backyard. Right now, I am reminded that the best thing in life is wanting what you have.

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