Montel Williams: Did He Die, Is He Dead, When Did He Die, Was He Wearing Pants When It Happened?

So a quick update on the Montel Williams post. Evidently, I was not the only one who misunderstood the People Magazine reader comment regarding the possible demise of the daytime demagogue.

More people found via google searches related to the death of Montel Williams then any other search topic(67%).

These included(in descending order):
montel williams dies
did montel williams die
montel williams people magazine
montel williams death people magazine
when did montel williams die
montel williams people magazine 2008
montel williams dies of ms
people montel williams dies
how did montel williams die
montel williams died

Other search highlights include:
anthropod porn(several people searched this one, I love that)
lauren hutton bravo red carpet disaster
gail top chef boobs
gestapo girl
saw me naked
where mailmen buy pepper spray
bart calls mo's bar innuendo names
prank phone calls

I guess inquiring minds do want to know.

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