I Loves You Sexy Daddy

To my Renaissance Man on Father's Day, thank you:

For taking over when I'm at my breaking point and ready to beat them.

For inspiring their curiosity and being patient enough to explain how stuff works(I tend to say, “it just does, that's why").

For your 'man-to-mans' with the boy.

For occasionally letting me get off easy with a “wait 'til your father gets home”.

For taking over the big school projects like rain gauges, volcanoes and robots.

For not always making me be the bad guy.

For your uncanny ability to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes.

For your amazing willingness to relieve me of poopy diaper duty(you are better at it you know).

For always getting home for dinner so that we can eat together as a family, even if it means working in the evening.

For working extra hours and doing what we needed to do so I could be home more.

For indulging my everyday reports,”And today, the baby blah, blah, blah...”

For staying calm and knowing what to do when our kids get hurt.

For letting me vent my frustration at them without making me feel like a bad person.

For still thinking I'm rockin sexy and never letting me forget I'm still a girl and you're my guy in spite of the fact we have three children.

For not teasing me about being a bedtime Nazi(them going to bed precisely at 8 contributes greatly to my mental health).

For being a Provider and a Partner and a Daddy and a Father and a Bestfriend and all the other hats you wear so well.

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