Blogopera #2 - Stranger Bearing Gifts

This is installment #2 in a fictional series, to read in succession, begin with #1

...continued from last time.

Blogopera #2/Stranger Bearing Gifts

There he was, looking somewhat tired but unexpectedly nervous.

“Hi”, I said, surprised that he was actually here.
“Hi, we finally got that delivery service thing going,” he said holding up a bag in one hand and a cup in the other.
“What did you bring me?” I smiled.
“We have a lovely steamed milk with a shot of espresso, decaf, of course, in consideration of the late hour. And in here,” he said holding up the white, waxy bag, “we have an assortment of fine pastries, and not end of the day swag either, these were delivered just a few minutes ago.”
“Does the lady approve?” he asked.
“Come in.” I said.
“So you let any strange man in this late at night?”
“Only men who bring dessert.”

I took the bag and coffee and he followed me into the kitchen.
“You surprised me tonight,” he said.
“I did?”
“Yeah, you did.”
“Well, I guess I was feeling bold.” I offered.
“Bold is good.”
“Can I get you something,” I said, standing there with the stuff in my hands unsure of what to do next.

He just looked at me, the silence between us bored into me. All his movements slow and deliberate, he moved closer and took the cup and bag from my hands, set them on the counter and rested his hands on my hips. I could hear us both breathing. He leaned his body against mine and pulled me into him filling up the space between us. His lips met my lips, it was perfect kiss, open, warm, moist, neither chaste nor obscene. It wasn’t a gum commercial with the kiss lasting as long as a divas final note but it was good and worked better than any drug, any mantra or massage to make all the tension fall from my body, not to mention caution and sound reason.

He pulled back.
“Good, now that that’s over, I don’t have to spend the rest of the night wondering when I get to kiss you.”
..............................until next time.

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