Blogopera #10 - Later That Evening

This is #10 in a series, to read in succession, begin with #1.

I woke up first, noticing the sun edging its way down the horizon. I quietly got up from the bed leaving him to sleep for a while. I made myself some ice tea and thumbed through the day’s mail enjoying a brief moment of solitude.

In my bedroom Dylan was still sleeping, the sheet only half covering him. He was an attractive man who definitely fit into what I would physically call my type. He was tall and lean, but not gangly or heroine-sheik thin. He had strong arms that must have come from something other than hefting lattes and espressos. He had a mess of sandy blonde hair that was not long, but looked as if he had missed the last few haircuts allowing it to grow just enough to look tousled. His skin was smooth, olive cast, and slightly darker where his body saw the sun.

He slept in absolute silence and stillness, only his chest rising and falling suggested life. I watched him for a few more moments and then sat next to him on the bed.

“Dylan,” I said him name softly, not wanting to jar him from sleep.
“Hi,” he said opening his eyes, still in that space between sleep and consciousness.
“I thought I should wake you, it’s almost eight.”
“That was a long nap, I was worn out.”
“Do you need to sleep a little longer?” I asked.
“No,” he said, “I’m starving,” and he rubbed his naked belly to emphasize the point. “You hungry?”
“Yeah, what are you thinking?”
“We could go get a bite somewhere, or we could go over to my house and make something, I have lots of good stuff from the market if you don’t mind just cooking together low key.”
“Sounds perfect. Do you want me to meet you over there?” I asked not wanting to assume I’d stay the night.
“No, I can wait while you get ready, and if you want to come back here tonight, I can always run you home, its not far.”
“Just let me get dressed and we can go.”

I left him to laze in bed for awhile while I got myself together. My hair looked bedraggled having slept on it wet so I brushed it into submission then twisted it up into a loose knot secured with a favorite tortoise shell comb. I pulled on a turquoise silk sundress, a simple sheath flattering against my tanned skin. I chose a small, rough chunk of coral wrapped in silver to string around my neck as the only accouterment. Deodorant, lip gloss, flats and a cardigan and I was ready to go.

I shut off the bathroom light and found Dylan sitting in my living room armchair. He hadn’t turned any lights on and the sun going down lit him from behind so that I saw only his silhouette. I walked closer, trying to focus on the features of his face as my eyes adjusted to the dim yellow of sunset. When I got close enough he pulled my hands with his and stood up.
“Are you ready?”
“I am.”
“Let’s go.”

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Anonymous said... June 17, 2008 at 7:40 AM  

Girl, you are some kind of talent, writing in such a fashion and leavinmg off at such a point that I am like DYING cause I wanna know what happens next!

formerly fun said... June 17, 2008 at 2:21 PM  

They both die on the way to his house, the end.

JK, I have to write it so I can't give it ALL to you right away. I know how you feel though, I feel the same way even writing it, what's going to happen next. When I was younger(pre-kids) if I liked a book or story I'd stay up all night to finish it, I'd sit in the tub reading until the water was cold and my skin prunny.

Anonymous said... June 17, 2008 at 3:33 PM  

I am totally a "bath reader". It's kind of amazing how pruny we will get, and how often we will add hot water, until there is none left, before actually getting out of the tub. lol

What do you read? Lately I am into historical novels.....but I am always up for a good suggestion.

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