He Said, She Said - 2

Conversations With My Husband
As I am appropriating random images for my blog.

Him: Blogging, where you take what you want and post it.
Me: So?
Him: Stealer.

As we lay in bed one night and hear the tinkling of chains as someone walks their dog outside.
Him: Hmm, sounds like someone's out walking their woman.
Me: I'm gonna blog that you know.

After watching The Mist( a Stephen King movie about wierd attacking tentacle things).
Me: Almost everyone died, that was depressing.
Him: Now do you see why I need a flamethrower?

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The UnMighty said... June 22, 2008 at 12:14 AM  

My wife let me get a flame thrower. I guess some women are just more understanding than others.

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