Will Ferrell in Synchro Snafu: The Story of Angus and Clem

I am officially over Will Ferrell, it is clear he made a pact with the Devil. How else do you explain how he can make what is essentially the same movie, over and over again and people will still come to see it them?

Hammy and cheesy sports movies that rely on the same basic premise and gags over and over again. Each film, taken on it's own is kind of funny in a 13-year old boy kind of way but en masse? Case in point, Semi-Pro is about basketball, Blades of Glory about ice-skating, Talledaga Nights features racing, Kicking and Screaming, this one's about soccer and Zoolander, basically the same film but with modeling as the featured sport. It's like American Pie, the first movie was juvenile but very sweet, but the two sequels and three straight to dvd movies that followed were completely unnecessary.

I loved Will Ferrell on SNL. Remember his Bush impressions, “Strategery”? James Lipton? A maligned Alex Trebeck to Darrell Hammond's Sean Connery? “More cowbell”?

I also thought he was perfect in Stranger than Fiction where he plays a trudging through life IRS auditor who suddenly has a narrator in his head. He also did some great work in Melinda and Melinda, a cool Woody Allen movie that explores how the same essential facts of a story can be told as a tragedy or a comedy. These were both really offbeat premises that worked.

I would put Old school, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Zoolander in the same camp, better than average, funny, farcical movies. Yet even these have a little too much in common with the subsequent movies they spawned.

I really liked Will Ferrell, I tried to forgive him this steaming, heaping landfill of shit, I even hope that someday, in the near future, he will make a movie that redeems him. And it won't be about two male synchronized swimmers who get a chance to be on the women's Olympic team only after the tragic and suspicious death of two female team members only to discover a rival team is the source of the subterfuge and eventually overcome obstacles to win the gold. Until then, I would have to say that the cumulative body of Will Ferrell's film work might actually be making the American public dumber.

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Anonymous said... June 20, 2008 at 6:49 AM  

I've long thought that Will Ferrell's only reason for acting is to have an excuse to run around naked (or almost naked). My boyfriend is beginning to agree...

formerly fun said... June 20, 2008 at 8:32 AM  

He does like to be naked a lot doesn't he?

I don't know if you have see the show 30Rock, but I have read in many places that the wacked out, manic, egomaniac role played by Tracey Morgan is completely modeled after Will Ferrell when he was on SNL.

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