Summertime, and the Livin's Meh

The last few weeks have been replete with meh. Nearly everyone I've come into contact with has been overwhelmed, lackadaisical and truthfully, a bit cranky. Even online it seemed as if a cartoon, frowny raincloud followed everyone, hovering just overhead. I'm new to this so maybe it happens all the time but blogs I've read and enjoyed were shutting down left and right, the resounding message,"It's too hard." Others abounded with apologies for the lack of or quality of posts

I think a fog has lifted. The last few days it seems as if people are getting back into the groove. Everyone seems nicer replacing their angst with zen. I know it's been pretty mellow around our house. The big kids have been good, the baby has been happy and sleeping well in spite of a summer cold. My husband and I have not once morphed into The Bickersons in spite of the fact that my summer sitter is traipsing through Israel at the moment leaving me to manage the kids and the business on my own and he is swamped with work. Even the cats have been fraternizing peacefully. I don't know if it was a full moon or Mercury in Retrograde or simply a resounding, communal blah but I'm glad it's past.

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Anonymous said... August 4, 2008 at 8:23 AM  

K so I can't take it anymore, gotta post...frick you are one funny chick! I've read thru your archives, love your posts, they make me laugh out loud and agree at the same time. Had to post on this one...use the word "meh" all the time to describe the same feeling. For some reason there's always a bit of time in the summer where you feel the meh-ness...but it goes away and makes the rest so much better. Glad things are pickin up in your world.

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