Off To Chicago

Husband and I are off to Chicago for some good food, a night alone at a nice hotel and plenty of sightseeing. We've had a house full of people since we got here. Fun, but we're looking forward to a little time alone.

My grandmother is staying at the house and will be taking the baby today and tonight. We gave her the specifics when it comes to her feeding, napping, and the rest. My family has been giving her little bits of "people food" so we had to go over the no dairy, no peanuts...

Grandma was regaling us with all of the things she used to do with the babies so husband put on the notes they asked us to leave:

*No 1950's home remedies

It's funny at how they balk when you tell them the things not to do with the kids. Oh, we never did it that way they say, nevermind 50+ years of medical progress. My mother-in-law would tell the husband, well, if you don't want her to have peanuts, I guess,like this was an arbitrary rule he pulled out of his ass. Uh, no mom it's not me, he'd tell her, just the entire medical community. I'm just glad I won't be here to see all the stuff that would make me cringe, don't ask, don't tell.

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