Isabella Rosselini Likes it Snail Style

Have you been as anxious as I have been to hear Isabella Rosselini utter the words, “I would die without my penis," or, "If I were a firefly, I would light up my ass at night"? It seems lately that everything is green and eco-friendly, now, sex goes green too. Specifically insect sex. Isabella Rosselini, in her directorial debut, has created a series of shorts for the Sundance Channel. Green Porno, as it’s called, is lewd, rude and surprisingly captivating. This is one of the weirdest ways to learn about nature. Click on the Green Porno link to witness this orgy of Anthropods, this porn for parasites. My favorite is the bee because for the first time, I really understand how all this drone, worker, queen bee stuff works and the snail for it's extreme lechery.

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Anonymous said... May 29, 2008 at 12:09 PM  

OMG, the snail one was just wrong. I love it.

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