Grrr, Ugg, Hmmp

Two weeks after our youngest was born, my mom and Grandma came to visit. The kids were so glad to have the Grandmas around, since the baby had been consuming most of our time.

Between weekends at my husband's moms, a visit to two of the great grandmas and then my mom and grandma staying with us for a week, it was a veritable Grandmapalooza.

By the time they came out to visit, my husband and I were both reaching maximum density as far as sleep deprivation was concerned, so it was a huge relief when mom and Grandma took the baby for the whole night. A perfunctory kiss goodnight and we both passed out cold until morning. We were both starting to resemble the living dead and they gave us a much needed, uninterrupted night of rest.

They took the baby a second night and better rested, we were able to watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report without interruption. Real adult conversation took the place of the grunts and groans we had used to communicate as we became more and more tired. “Grrr, “ meant, go make me a bottle, if I move or get up, she will no doubt cry. “Ugg,” meant, you must take her now, if I have to listen to her scream for one more minute, though I love her, I cannot guarantee I won’t throw her out window. "Hmmp", meant, go snuggle up with the cats, I’m going to sleep. Dare I say if mom and Grandma had given us one more night alone, there might have been a locked bedroom door with the muted sounds of Barry White escaping out from underneath.

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