Spa Tips From Spa Chic #1


Forgo the dated French-tip acrylics(trust me, they are) and invest a little cash into this feature that often goes overlooked. Brows can polish your look, create an instant eye lift and be great ‘makeup’ for the busy mom or low maintenance woman. Overly sparse, incorrectly shaped brows can make you look old, angry and dated.

This is one area I say skip the DIY and go pro. Yes, there are tutorials online and wierd stencils available, but your best bet is to find your local ‘brow expert’(yes, we’re out there). See a woman with great brows? Ask her where she gets them done. Don’t be shy, woman who spend the money and time will appreciate the compliment. If you can’t afford to see your local eye brow diva regularly, plan a series of visits to get your brows in shape and then watch her carefully. The average non-professional may have a hard time creating a great brow but if you’re careful, you can maintain it.

A word of advice for women whose brows are starting to gray, don’t tweeze the grays, unruly may they be. If you do, over time you will have no brows. Go to the brow expert and have them tinted and trimmed. Tinting is also a great option for blondes whose brows are very light or if you alter your natural hair color and would like brows a similar shade.

You don’t need expensive products to maintain your brows, but you should have the following:

Good tweezers - Tweezerman Wide Grip Slant Tweezers are my favorite. They retail for about $20. I have had the same pair now for 4 years and have done thousands of brows with them.
Brow powder or eyeshadow in a color that blends well with your brow. Using shadow in the right shade is fine just make sure it’s shimmer free. Steer clear of pencil liners, they typically look less natural and are greasy therefore smudge easier and spread on naturally oily complexions.

Angled brush - To apply powder to brows, a good mid-priced brush will do.
Clear mascara to brush brows into place and set.

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